Fighters Tool Box

The Fighters Tool Box will be updated with links and videos to help new and old fighters along their journey into Buhurt. Buhurt is Love, Buhurt is Life.

Bear Blackspear

Alexander Rosenthal-Rashi aka Bear Blackspear aims to promote interest and improvement in the North American steel fighting community via the analysis of high level HMB competitions. To this end, his content tackles subjects ranging from combat techniques and strategy, to weapons and armor, training methodlogy, and beyond.

Links and Resources

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Ukolov's HMB Educational Channel

Ukolov's HMB Educational Channel is full of content from basic footwork to advanced throws and techniques. There's something for everyone on his Youtube Channel! so what are you waiting for? click the link and begin your journey to Victory!

Buhurt Tech

Igor Parfentev of Buhurt Tech lives and breathes Buhurt. You will find a little bit of everything on his youtube channel like: epic first person fights, training camp videos, interviews, and much more!

The man, the myth, the legend
Igor Parfentev

Woman's Portal

MCC has a strong and proud community of women fighters all across the country and we're always looking for new recruits! here you will find the contact info for our Canadian representatives as well as links to women's fighting groups and pages. Don't wait for your knight in shining armour, become one instead!
Facebook links:
Fighting Women in BOTN/IMCF All Countries
BI/IMCF Women's Division

 Contact Info

Geneviève Drouin

Genevieve started training for armored combat in 2017, entering the sport with a background in judo. In under 2 years, she fought for team Poland at Battle of the Nations and again that year at Dynamo Cup in Moscow. Gen focuses on melees, and Profights. she competed in Profights at DragonCon in 2021. As Canada's HMBIA representative for women, currently training in Toronto with Scallagrims, Gen's vision is to build a strong team of women to fight with both locally and internationally. She aims to offer support and guidance in armored combat, whether you wish to compete or simply get into practicing that incredibly unique sport.
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Bailey Neil

Bailey started training in armoured combat in 2019, with eyes set on being the women’s national sword and shield representative. She took her first gold at the Canadian IMCF tryouts in 2020, and since then, she has continued training and competing in sword and shield, and long sword duels. Winning her pool at the 2023 IMCF Championships in Spain, she made it all the way to the bronze medal match, leaving her in fourth. Her main focus is making sure there is always a place for women within the sport and continuing to compete at the highest level.

HMBIA Authenticity

For those looking to compete in any HMB event including Battle of the Nations, your armour must match historical sources and go through an authenticity check to be allowed use at each event.

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Canadian Authenticity Rep