We have a large list of reputable Smiths and Armourers from around the world that we trust to make our armour and weapons.

Buhurt Tech

Our forge-masters produce high-quality equipment, weapons, and armor that are available for purchase through our online store. Explore the world of buhurt with us and enjoy the fight!
Do buhurt - this is the WAY!

Medieval Extreme

MedievalExtreme brand – the group of armorers, fighters, crafters and designers from Ukraine. Here you can buy armor, weapons, shields and supplies for armored combat battles and special leagues - HMB, IMCF, ACS.

Armory Smith

We are engaged in manufacturing of armor. There are several directions in which we work, such as historical reenactment of the battle and stylization of medieval armor.

Mad Axe

The company "Mad ax"
is engaged in the manufacture of high-quality handmade weapons for historical full-contact battles.

Art of Steel

We produce high-quality medieval hand-made armor for sport and historical reenactment.

Sharukhan Market

We have a network of Ukrainian blacksmiths and armorers who have more than 10 years of experience in improving defense, appearance and overall quality of the armor. Our equipment has been proved as one of the most reliable, great looking and authentic among Europe.

Winner Armor

here at Winner Armor we make high quality protective gear, Specializing in Eastern armor.


7Samurai Armor Workshop specializes on crafting high quality, endurable, functional and elegant armor for buhurt and reenactment.

Iohan Bremen Armory & Blacksmith

We are ready to make any armor: reconstruction of defensive weapons from Ancient Rome to the later middle ages, armor for role games, armor for HMB.

Age of Craft

Today, Age of Craft is a self-sufficient team of professionals specialized in producing quality armor, weapons and padded clothing. Our business evolved from a simple hobby into an established company with customers around the globe

Canada Buhurt Shop

Canadian Buhurt Shop is a forge based in Calgary, Alberta. We focus on the manufacture of medieval sports equipment built to endure the extreme stresses and abuse of full-contact armored combat. Beyond the fabrication of high quality and affordable full-contact armored sports equipment, we also manufacture replicas of medieval arms, decorative arms, and equipment for other sports.